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bsg_flashfic's Journal

Battlestar Galactica Flashfiction
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Welcome to bsg_flashfic, home to Battlestar Galactica flashfiction.

This comm is based on ds_flashfiction and sga_flashfic with some minor changes to the rules.

The Rules

- Challenges will be posted once a week by a mod. You will then have seven days to respond to the challenge with a fic of 100 - 2,000 words (though the word limit isn't going to be strictly enforced). Once a challenge has been closed late stories will not be accepted.

- During those seven days your story must only be posted to bsg_flashfic. Once the challenge has been closed you are free to post your story where ever you'd like.

- The subject line of your post should read like this: "Story Title" by "your name".

- Your post must include this info:
+ Rating
+ Character(s)/Pairing
+ Character death/non-con/etc. warnings
+ Spoiler info. This goes for any episode right now, even those that have aired in the US
+ Summary

- Your story must be under a cut tag.

- Please feedback every story you read. Do Not flame anyone.

Gen, het, slash, femslash and real person fic (RPF) of all ratings are all welcomed here, as long as the stories are in line with the challenge and the correct warnings are noted in the story info.

Feel free to leave challenge suggestions here.

Your mods are: thenewhope, pashoshi, myalchod and silverofhearts.